Nikon App Updated!

02nd Mar 2015

BEYOND WORDS AND PICTURES….Because it takes more than just text on a brochure to explain all the benefits of Nikon lenses. Imagine-i goes beyond traditional media and brings interactive illustrations and videos, allowing you to feel the difference first hand at demonstration time.

The recently updated Nikon Imagine-I app is available to download now via the App Store, or by simply following the link below:

Introducing our new NZ Nikon Visionary!

30th Mar 2015

Nikon is pleased to have been chosen by visionaries who depend on their vision as they are the rising stars of the world. Each has achieved dreams through efforts and vision, and continues to aspire to reach for the next goal. Co-founder of clothing brand HUFFER, Steve Dunstan, talks about what his vision means to him.

NZ Olympian Rower features at ISEE Nikon

10th Oct 2014

Hamish Bond, the New Zealand rower and Olympic gold medalist at the 2012 London Olympic Games gives his perspective on vision at the link below:

Tips for healthy eyesight

Hot and Cold towels

  1. Prepare two bowls of water, one with hot water and the other one cold water.
  2. Dip a small towel in each bowl.
  3. Apply one of the towels on your closed eyes (hot or cold).
  4. Repeat this and alternate the hot and cold towel. This hot and cold effect will activate blood circulation around your eyes. You can gently massage your face with the towel
  5. Finish by the cold towel
  • Frequency: 2 minutes
  • Where: Home